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HUGE thanks to CNN for outing me to my family. (seriously)

My coming out story is a little out of the ordinary, but I’m going to tell it anyway in honor of National Coming Out Day.

So I had been dating my now ex-boyfriend for about 5 months while I was away at school. Coincidentally, we lived in the same hometown also. We came home with the intentions of telling both our families about our relationship very soon. I was home for about a month and was really working up to it.

I had this whole conversation planned out in my head that I would say to my mother first, and then my father. (Me and my father literally loathe the existence of each other). But, one day he came up to my room, which he never does, to talk about my future and whatnot and we ended up talking about my twin sister who is a lesbian and already out. He basically ended the conversation by saying “I have to accept your decision for whatever you do with your personal life, but I don’t necessarily ‘support’ it.”

I saw this as my chance and just said “well then I should tell you I’ve been dating *ex-boyfriend* for 5 months now, going on 6” he just nodded and asked if i was serious. and as we were talking about it my mother came home, broke the news to her…she was happy at first. She laughed/smiled/hugged me. Then got upset.

Here’s where CNN comes in…

I told my parents that I wanted to tell the family members one-by-one on my own time so I asked them to keep it to themselves.

Pride in NYC was only a few days away, me and my ex made really cute matching pride shirts and cut off shorts and planned a day in the City. We went with a bunch of friends. My Cousin and his Boyfriend live in Brooklyn but came to my hometown for family dinner at my Mom-Mom’s house. They wanted to see what was going on in NYC so they turned on the TV.

CNN’s live coverage caught me and my friend Devin(lesbian) dancing together as the Latino Pride floats passed blasting Bachata music. As we danced, they zoomed in on us and then we began to walk away dancing when I grabbed my bf and basically made out with him until CNN flashed back to the floats.

My whole family was at my grandmothers house for dinner…everyone there saw it. I then got a text from my Uncle BJ saying “Is there something you need to tell me? JK but the whole family just saw you kiss brandon on TV. Just a head’s up. I love you Bail”

Much easier than telling them one-by-one and whatever judgements they had, they got out while I wasn’t around.

SO thank you CNN for doing something right. :)

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